Privacy Policy

1. This terms & conditions is only documents / packet of papers/parcels of goods.

2. In case of loss, theft, damage and mishandling of booked consignment maximum liability of the Company/ Franchisee shall not be exceeding to the sum equivalent to ten times of freight charges for un-insured documents and five times of freight charges for un-Insured parcels, in any case.

3. The currency, bearer cheques, hundies, bearer bilty and/or similar other documents, Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Precious stones, Liquid, Semi Liquid perishable/fragile goods narcotics and / or any item which are prohibited and/or restricted by statutory law and acts are strictly not accepted by us. If such articles are enclosed without our information, the Company/Franchisee will not be liable for the same and no claim shall be entertained for such articles.

4. Said to Contain Basis: : All the consignment shall be booked on “said to contain basis” i.e. SMCS shall be under no obligation to verify the description and contents of the shipment declared by the Consignor on the docket/Invoice and as such the consignor shall undertake and ensure to make correct and factual declaration on the docket/Airway bill. Consignor indemnified and would keep indemnified SMCS, its directors and employees against all claims, losses, charges and expenses incurred by SMCS due to any banned, restricted or dangerous items entering in to the network of the SMCS due to any omission or commission of Consignor. However SMCS reserve the right to inspect and/or refuse booking of shipment not conforming to theses terms and condition, only after duly informing consignor regarding the reasons for such inspection and/or refusal and after receiving the confirmation from consignor.

5. In case of valuable parcel consignor should declare the value and pay the valuation charge @ Rs.10/- per valuation of Rs.1000/- and Insurance charges for articles to be insured, otherwise no claim will be considered as per terms No.2.

6. The company reserves the right to entrust the goods to any other carrier. The Company/Franchisee will not be liable for any delay, damage or loss-during its transit through other carrier of situation beyond our control i.e. occurred due to acts of God or Man –made calamities.

7. No complaint / claim shall be entertained by the Company / Franchisee after the expiry of 15 days from the date of booking consignment.

8. All claims shall be entertained Subject to exclusive jurisdiction of AHMEDABAD (Guj.) Court only.